Take Bass Lessons From Wherever You Are

Bass lessons at Music On A Stick are a unique and special experience. Unlike other schools, we teach according to every student’s personal needs. Are you looking for online Bass lessons? Each student will experience a direct connection to the music they love. 

Each student works with a highly qualified teacher with an advanced degree. Our students take lessons from all over the United States and the world!

Your teacher will help you start playing Bass today. Our teachers know how to teach beginner lessons, advanced lessons, and everything in between. You can learn to play Bass for pop, rock, blues, country, folk, alternative, contemporary, and more! Your Bass teacher will help you learn the skills to tackle anything!

Why Bass Lessons Are Important

Trying to learn an instrument on your own can be challenging. Looking up free Bass classes, playing songs, finding sheet music, reading music, finding a Bass…. the list goes on. We know that doing all of this can be frustrating, especially when you can’t seem to find any reliable answers.

When you take lessons at Music On A Stick, we can take all of that stress away. You don’t have to be your own teacher! Our curriculum makes it so that every lesson you will achieve something. Every time you log on for an online lesson, you’ll have clear instructions for how to improve. Our teachers will help you with technique, reading music, improvising, and much more. You will get a Bass instructor who wants you to succeed.

Music On A Stick also specializes in Bass lessons for kids and adults and makes it so that every lesson is fun and engaging. We have the experience to make sure that online Bass lessons are fun, exciting, and effective. 

To learn more about lessons at Music On A Stick simply give us a call at 254-677-6879 or click About Us in the navigation bar.

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